Technologie Globale supports and supplies equipment to airports worldwide, and in particular, the East African region. Technologie Globale Aviation Division provides services and technology to support new and existing airports, our airport equipment are vital to the core operations of small to medium airports in the region.

Aviation Product List:

– Safety equipment & safety systems
– Metal detectors
– Weather Monitoring Equipment
– Runway Marking Equipment
– Global Positioning System
– Catering Equipment
– Airport seating system
– Air & Ground Surveillance

– Flight information Display
– Airport Display System
– Ticketing System
– Reservation Management
– Airport Management System
– Airport Accounting & Finance
– Travel Agency Solutions
– Airport Security System

– Airport Dispatch Training
– Airport Security Training
– Hospitality Courses
– Ground Handling
– Airport Staff Training
– Cabin Crew Training
– Airport Management Courses
– Passenger Service Training