Mission Statement

Technologie Globale is a  technology provider, offering industry leading products and services. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best product and services, with an ethical and mutually beneficial transaction. Technologie Globale’s success results from our focus on ensuring that we have disciplined, well-trained, highly motivated employees representing sales, service and support.

Internal Core Values

Technologie Globale’s core values reflect our belief that great success comes with great responsibility. As a company, we are:

1. Committed to Excellence

We strive for excellence in all areas of operation: people, products, processes, service, attitude and action. We consider our Commitment to Excellence to be a principle, not just a sales tool.

2. Committed to Integrity

Technologie Globale associates are moral and ethical in business practices. We treat clients and colleagues honestly and openly. We respect confidentiality.

3. Committed to Adaptation

We educate ourselves on industry trends, products, and technology, and incorporate their use in our business processes.

4. Committed to Ingenuity

We recognize that the best ideas come from the team. We create channels for the submission of new ideas. We encourage creativity and continued personal and professional development.

5. Committed to Positivity

We believe that positive thoughts create positive results. Therefore, we focus on possibilities rather than limitations. We believe that a positive and joyful work environment cultivates a productive team. We expect to be the best and to give the best – to our customers and to each other.

6. Committed to Teamwork

Above all, we are a team, united in purpose. We recognize the value of each person’s role and appreciate each person for the job that he or she does. We respect our differences and make them our strengths. The entire company pulls together to overcome challenge and comes together to celebrate success.

7. Committed to Community Service

As quality citizens, we contribute our time, energy and resources to the community. We focus on organizations that help our children and the needy in general.